Quite A Kooky Art Scene

I know you’re probably expecting a walking tour art map of Nuremberg or mentions of GoHo or other “artsy” places but I had my fill in the German National Museum so that’s what I’m writing about.

First off, I was lucky that they gave student discounts to any student even if you didn’t go to school in Nuremberg or Germany (Rome, learn something). It was 5€ (plus 1€ to store my bag in a locker which I got back at the end!). And I loved that there were literally hundreds of rooms filled with all kinds of art, jewelry, sculptures and more to fit all sorts of tastes.

I mean, check out this knight in shining armor.


The medieval portion was my favorite because of the outdoor spaces with crisp and dark architecture, religious iconography and many, many tombs. Some of the items didn’t seem like they had a purpose but to scare you or just make you question the weirdness of humanity.


And then there were the recognizable works of art, you know, like Rembrandt, Lucas Cranach and Albrecht Durer (and his mother!). I spent so much time trying to figure these out, imagining the brush strokes and thinking about how cool they must’ve thought they were. They do make some nice art. However, aside fro Durer’s mother, I didn’t see much lady-representation in the museum which just goes to show how much we have left to advance in the art world. Guerrilla Girls anyone?


And after a nice 3 hours or so I spent time looking out of the window by the science section and couldn’t get enough of the clear sky and carefully-manicured gardens. And, of course, a crucifix statue at the end. I came at the perfect time and was so grateful for it because it made this experience what I wanted it to be, with little screw-ups and lots of well-deserved smiles.


Learn more about the German National Museum here.

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