How ’bout that graffiti, eh?

To me, Toronto comes only second to Baltimore in its graffiti and art scene. Mostly because I’m biased towards Baltimore but also because we’re a beacon for up-and-coming artists of all sorts including street artists. But anyways, my time in Toronto a few summers back will always be remembered for its unconventional beauty and homeliness. Not only was it a city filled to the brim with cool young people, old people and all people sporting thrift wear and sunglasses, but people were speaking all sorts of languages anywhere I went and everywhere I looked was covered in art.

Like this…


And this…

which was honestly my favorite part of town, Chinatown, because who doesn’t want to see amazing Japanese-style, anime art while they’re trying to buy some dragon fruit or munching on some spring roles? Exactly.


And then there were the more conventional museums and art studios which were super cool as well because I was able to see what people from Toronto thought was cool to show, what they felt about their community and how they wanted others to see it as. Lots of sleek and contemporary-styled sculptures and summer colors as you can see.


There were works of art that spoke on social justice and human rights like women’s empowerment, education and on children in community. And I didn’t even seek these out, it was mostly from just walking around the city and exploring a bit on my own which is the best sort of practice. Baltimore, on the other hand, because it is so small, offers a self-guided tour guide for our art scene in the Station North neighborhood.


And for the fantasy fiends, we have art like this which brings to mind images of Game of Thrones but preferably less violent and more fantastical. I absolutely recommend Toronto to anyone interested in street art, international cuisine, a chance to practice your secondary language(s), chaos and much more. And I absolutely plan on making my way back when the weather warms a bit to see how much it’s changed and to fall even more in love with this treasure.


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