Thank you for the Vegan Treats, Nurnberg

I wasn’t in this magical town for long but the time I spent there was very yummy and very affordable so much so that I considered just moving there on the basis of their yummy food accessibility. I mean, right when I arrived I had a pretzel that was a mere .65€! Sure it was pretty basic and room temperature but it was vegan and salted which were my only two requirements. Look at that smile!


And it was super easy to be happy and eating all the time. When I got parched I just walked into a biological, health supermarket expecting to pay 6-7€ for a drink but found this beauty on sale for 1€. It was a lemon-pineapple-mint mineral water and so fresh I just regretted not buying them all. I would have gotten more things but I was on my way to a cafe and knew I’d be fine there.


Dinner was found at the Nurnberg Central Station where a stop-and-shop restaurant had pretzels, bread roles, hot dogs (obviously) and some vegan spinach rods. They were basically sautéed spinach wrapped in phyllo dough and fried to perfection. I made sure to take every last one of them, coming to under 2€.


The following day I was strangely craving some Thai food and made my way to the thai shop opposite of the National Museum and had some coconut tofu curry. It had a slight spice to it and was so good I just couldn’t push myself to leave for hours, just drooling over this delicacy. And here I did splurge a bit because I didn’t have a snack for a couple of hours and knew I would also have it for dinner. I did.

And I don’t know how, but I managed to skip snapping a picture of my breakfast which was from Standerhaus where I got a Mocha and a vegan raspberry cake. And as I marveled at all the flavors and the beauty of the coffee, I began reading Montedidio by Erri de Luca, which speaks on the uniqueness of Naples and a young boy’s story of trouble and love.


I cannot wait to come back to this town or just Germany, knowing fully well my tummy will be satisfied and I’ll find some really tasty goods.

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