Trinidad, the Blue City

I’d say it has a very Greek feel to it. But actually its architecture is French-inspired and the bright colors are reminiscent of Cuba’s colonial history.

My time here was spent with my jaw dropped in awe of the amazing likeness of the buildings to the color of the sky and how it seemed to mimic nature, bringing to mind the age-old saying “Life imitates art.” Here, it really did. The city’s landscape was etched with various shades of the wind’s breeze, beckoning for sunsets and laughter from passers-by. I will never forget those precious few days strolling down cobblestone streets, eating the freshest fruit on the island and climbing to heights so high I could see the town and its entirety.


We walked all around, trying to get a feel for what the town really was. It’s history was well-known. It was a Spanish colony that looks like it stayed back a couple of centuries with sugar plantations on its outskirts, Italian frescoes and french decor.


And yes, the palm trees felt just like being in sunny sunny Florida. The parks were well-kept, the area was sparsely-filled with people and mosaics tiled the garden floors. It’s quite interesting it was so people-less given its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was quiet and fresh and the only sounds to be made were of donkeys and our pitter patter on the cobblestones.


After visiting some of the town’s museums and cathedrals, popping in and out of linen and crochet shops (the town’s specialty), my lovely home was awaiting, warm dinner and cool drinks on the way and a view I dream about. The sliced guayaba, cafecito, and fresh avocado were more than enough to make me swoon.


I hope to come back to you soon Trinidad, to your effortless beauty and rough history. This time I’ll make sure to stroll my Playa Ancon too!

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