“Love Letter” to Belgian Hot Chocolate

CW: colonialism and exploitation

you showed me love like no other

wrapped me up with your blanket warmness

and it was only slightly scratchy

the richness that tickled my throat

settled in my belly

then broke me open like a hot spring

was you, hot chocolate

picked cocoa beans from ghana, ivory coast, and congo

it’s so customary to not give credit where credit is due

“belgian” hot chocolate

a complex history deeper than the luscious taste of cocoa

of “pioneers” pioneering in “unexplored” lands

taking more than giving

i show my love to this chocolate oppression

reminiscent of the taking of native lands here in america

and now we’re famous for corn bread but whose corn was it originally?

i felt sheltered and now i feel confused

the churning of the chocolate liquid in big vaults is confused too

waking up in factories when it only knew the outdoors

i still love you hot chocolate

i just hope you name your giver

haven’t you ever heard to not bite the hand that feed you?

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