The Most Beautiful Words in Italian

In my time learning Italian, I’ve always found it fun saying and repeating the various sounds that form the most delicate and beautiful words I’ve ever heard. The trills, open mouthed ‘oohs’ and ahhs’, drumming of a “dz” or “ps” letter combinations and more thrill me. As such, I’d recommend listening to how they sound on a translation app then trying it out for yourself.

Attraversiamo: (v) “let’s cross over”


Farfalla: (n) butterfly


Squalo: (n) shark


Peperoncino: (n) chili flakes


Guinzaglio: (n) leash


Zaino: (n) backpack


Girasole: (n) sunflower


Affascinante: (adj) charming


Cenerentola: (n) Cinderella


Zenzero: (n) ginger


In the end, it becomes a sort of game playing with sounds and letters, making them your own. I think this is the best way to learn, by having fun and picking favorites to spice up your vocabulary and speaking style.

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