A Day in London

We booked our train tickets just days before and were surprised at how inexpensive they were — thanks to Eillen’s discount card it was about 15 pounds roundtrip. It was quick and easy and when we arrived we went immediately to Hyde Park, surprised by the lovely pink flowers and horses trodding about. After some nice pictures and staring at the sky for a bit, we continued on our way. We’d be taking the train back at 7pm so we didn’t have much time to waste.


Our next stop was the Buckingham Palace where we neither saw the queen nor got our much-desired selfie with the guards. Then we headed to the Marble Arch which was really placed randomly it seemed but luckily for us they had some ping pong tables and we played a few rounds although none of us really knew how to play. We then crossed through St.James Park to Big Ben and the London Eye. For some reason I thought Big Ben was red but that didn’t matter because it was under construction anyways. Moreover, I also thought the London Eye would look more like an eye and not a ferris wheel. On the way over, I proceeded to look for the London Eye and noting the only thing in sight was “that ferris wheel over there.”




We stumbled upon the Hayward Gallery Market which was overflowing with international food stalls offering samples like spiced tofu (really spicy) and goodies like vegan blondies (I bought one for sure), and lemonade. I couldn’t believe something so vibrant would be here in a city that was so gloomy and rainy. We then made our way to the British Museum where I even found an exhibit on Egypt and subsequently on Osiris, the god that’s the source of my name. Really cool!


By that time it was time for dinner and we ate at My Old Dutch for sweet pancakes (which turned out to be crepes) and I just had a soy strawberry milkshake. It was pretty pricy for what we got but I liked my shake — it reminded me of the vegan shakes in Baltimore’s GruB Factory which are my favorite of all time!

Afterwards, we headed to the train station, tried to sneak into first class and were kicked out, then rested all the way back to Oxford. Next time, I’d really like to get to the Cereal Killer Bar which serves cereal bar-style (is it obvious?) as we didn’t really have time for it and hopefully by then Big Ben will be back and at it. Till next time!


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