Cafe Thoughts in Sofia

feet with pains inherited from nomads

my senses overstimulated waking up from over sleeping in a cave and euphoria flooding through my body like a typhoon destruction

earths double edge sword

she gives so much but can take it away just as easily

loving and disciplining when we forget how kind she has been to us

birthing us and guiding us with our eyes too sore too open feet too tired to walk in my gold-speckled irises

i walk it everyday and now im too lost and too tired to not see myself like the world sees me

i prefer oblivion and idealized beauty to the starkness of reality

like i was created with an everlasting connection to the ground below me

which ironically keeps my feet off the ground and in the clouds

keeps me connected nevertheless to my nomadic mother that grows and dies and changes

like mother like daughter

rebirths herself from her own broken bones and too many tears shed

from disappointment, from criminal hatred, from being forgotten

i feel so connected to her pain

her tears are reflected in the corners of my heart

the rain-pounding vibrations that are fed by my body’s cravings and yearning

i love this feeling

i hate this feeling

it makes me feel so beautifully whole

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