Staying awake for 25 hours in Nurnberg

4AM: I woke up really early thinking my flight was at 7 when really it was at 9am but that’s alright because I ended up taking a bit longer to get to the little Ciampino Airport than expected. Needless to say, I slept on the super comfy lounge chairs for an hour, munching on an apple and my yogurt concoction.

11AM: I arrived in town and immediately headed to the Human Rights Pillars right by the National Museum where I took my time walking around, reading the pillars I could and pondering their impact on the city and world. I then headed to the old town center by St.Lorenz Church and had a .65€ pretzel at Brazen Club. It also just happened to be located where the Christmas Market usually is where people were selling fruits and quick eats.



1PM: And as one does just walking around, I found some interesting spots like hookah bars and thrift stores near Spittlertorturm in what I called “Middle East” as it reminded me of that neighborhood back in Baltimore. I found a cute pair of polka dot trousers for 10€ that looked like Matter pants! I then wanted to make sure I got a couple of hours to check out the German National Museum before meeting up with a fellow traveler I met on the Couchsurfing website. I’ll write a bit about the art scene later.



3PM: Now it was time to meet Vale (sadly we took no pictures together) and we met up at Cafe Wanderer for some juice. The area had a beautiful plaza and the weather was amazing. We chatted about her PR job, my studies and our travels. And since I was planning on coming to Milan for a couple of days where she lives, we spoke on that too! I had a really fresh raspberry juice which, paired with the sunshine and cool breeze, couldn’t have been better.


6PM: By now it was dinnertime so I went to the main metro stop to meet up with my host but before that went to Back Werk for some vegan spinach rods which were amazing and under 2€. We then met up, headed to his place and got ready for his friend’s party which I was happily invited to.


8PM: In my mind I expected a nice relaxed party and this was just that. I met tons of new people with amazing stories, jobs and travels and felt right at home with every single one of them. They were amazed I did not like beer as they made some cocktails instead, marveling at my obliviousness I’m sure. At around midnight we made our way to Rockin’ Radio which was a hole-in-the-wall bar that doubled as a radio station and karaoke lounge. After spending about an hour and a few shots there, we went to a basement bar then a youth club called Der Bomb which had video games, no entry fee and some funny dancing involved. And since I missed the bus we just walked around the city center, checked out the Summer in the City beach-themed venue and had a nice night chat. Then…

5AM rolled by and we were back home and I caught a couple hours of sleep before heading out for another full day and full night of partying and coming back home with no sleep that night.

What a wild, wild time.

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